cofaso™ eSchematic
The speediest schematic creation

cofaso eSchematic increases efficiency and quality many times over, optimizes your processes and minimizes costs in the long term. The system continuously learns from your own projects. With every variant of a schematic, your knowledge base is expanded as dynamically retrievable knowledge. You do not need to call macros anymore, just set the properties of the circuits and the result is generated automatically.

cofaso eSchematic calculates the voltage values and other values for an entire circuit and selects the appropriate parts. For example, you can tell eSchematic that a star-delta circuit has a power of 45kW and the average values of all other parts are to be calculated, and the matching parts from Siemens (or another manufacturer) are automatically selected at the background. When calculating the values such as those of the main, star or delta contactor, formulas can be defined.

cofaso eSchematic can construct complete circuit diagrams only based on circuit characteristics. You can even interactively define only the single-line diagrams, and cofaso generates three-line diagrams automatically.
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cofaso eSchematic - Automatic Part Selection