cofaso™ for the steel and metal industry
Standardization in Manufacturing

The steel and metal industry forms a basis for the development of many industries in the global manufacturing: the defense industry, energy and construction, transportation and heavy engineering, chemical and light industry. It indicates that the steel and metal industry has a huge potential to contribute to the plant standardization of global manufacturers from many industries.

Today, process automation has evolved from modifications, optimizations and innovations to focus on providing ‘Solution Design, Product Development and Product Life Cycle Management’. In the global world, steel and metal production and plants must be controlled and have documented processes through highly automated and computer-based systems.

They use cofaso

Your automation partner: cofaso
• Integrated symbol libraries with supporting DIN, IEC, JIC, JIS, NFPA, US, Russian GOST, Chinese GB norms
• Prepared part libraries from all manufacturers
• Wide range of macro variants
• Import DWG, Eplan 5, XML formats

• Export DXF, Eplan 5, XML formats
• Import Eplan P8 macros and part libraries

Perfect Optimization

• Auto PLC projects from Excel I/O-list
• Auto device and PLC connection plans
• Auto projecting from macros and Excel file
• Auto terminal connection plans
• Auto import of translation texts from project
• Auto Excel import of parts

• On-line PLC cross-references and overview


• On-line translation
• Auto cabel plans
• Auto manufacturer lists
• Auto device lists
• Auto purchase order lists
• Auto article lists
• Auto wire lists