cofaso™ for the marine industry
Optimize Marine Instrumentation, Control and Automation Systems

Global pressures and rising energy costs force ship builders to build larger and multi-use ships. Designing high-performance, cost-effective diesel electric vessels and achieving the efficient operation in the ship is not much different from designing and building a city and its environment.

Power System

Power system contains all units necessary to supply the vessel with power. To manage all these units, there must be a well-designed power distribution system, at this point cofaso is the solution you need for the processes include:
  • Electric power distribution system with main and distribution switchboards
  • Transformers for feeding of alternate voltage levels in low voltage switchboards and motor control centers
  • Uninterruptible power supply of sensitive equipment and automation systems
  • Rotating converters for frequency conversion
  • Cabling and segregation
  • Crane and winch systems
  • Drilling systems
  • For floating production storage and offloading (FPSO)
  • Load / cargo handling systems
We help you to optimize your control and automation systems.

Your automation partner: cofaso
• Integrated symbol libraries with supporting DIN, IEC, JIC, JIS, NFPA, US, Russian GOST, Chinese GB norms
• Prepared part libraries from all manufacturers
• Wide range of macro variants
• Import DWG, Eplan 5, XML formats

• Export DXF, Eplan 5, XML formats
• Import Eplan P8 macros and part libraries

Perfect Optimization

• Auto PLC projects from Excel I/O-list
• Auto device and PLC connection plans
• Auto projecting from macros and Excel file
• Auto terminal connection plans
• Auto import of translation texts from project
• Auto Excel import of parts

• On-line PLC cross-references and overview


• On-line translation
• Auto cabel plans
• Auto manufacturer lists
• Auto device lists
• Auto purchase order lists
• Auto article lists
• Auto wire lists