cofaso™ 7
CAE performance from A to Z

cofaso is the leading high-end CAE solution for electrical engineering projecting tasks. Based on its special system technology with direct access to applicable logic for each schematic, the solution offers outstanding features for all industry-specific design and documentation requirements. As a parameter-controlled system, cofaso provides users with consistent structuring of their work process, while offering unrestricted flexibility for individual adaption to department -project- or workplace-specific requirements. cofaso has user interface in 13 world languages and supports all the common Windows versions. Click to see cofaso packages and properties!
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Productive CAE handling

cofaso meets all criteria for complete authoring and editing of electrical engineering documents. The evaluations conform to global standards.

cofaso provides complete documentation with all evaluations:
Cross-references, cable plans, wiring lists, terminal diagrams, terminal connection diagrams, device lists, part lists, manufacturer lists, bill of materials, purchase order lists, PLC cross-references, panel design, click to see more

cofaso provides fast editing features:
Autoconnecting and on-line item designation/numbering enables you to create schematics quickly and correctly. Rapid viewing/generation of evaluation lists speeds up your work process.

cofaso provides flexible editing features:
XML, EXF and graphics interfaces such as DXF guarantee data interchange with other CAx systems and ensure the integration of cofaso into the unified production chain. Article data of any kind be imported or incorporated. An intelligent article number search function provides an additional aid to locating components used in the diagram.

They use cofaso

As a result of the separation of schematics and evaluations, projects can also be created in other cofaso versions. In this way cofaso also supports the free interchange of data between companies.

Your automation partner: cofaso 7
• Integrated symbol libraries with supporting DIN, IEC, JIC, JIS, NFPA, US, Russian GOST, Chinese GB norms
• Prepared part libraries from all manufacturers
• Wide range of macro variants
• Import DWG, Eplan 5, XML formats

• Export DXF, Eplan 5, XML formats
• Import Eplan P8 macros and part libraries

• Interface in English, German, Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch languages


Perfect Optimization

• Auto PLC projects from Excel I/O-list
• Auto device and PLC connection plans
• Auto projecting from macros and Excel file
• Auto terminal connection plans
• Auto import of translation texts from project
• Auto Excel import of parts

• On-line PLC cross-references and overview


• On-line translation
• Auto cable plans
• Auto manufacturer lists
• Auto device lists
• Auto purchase order lists
• Auto article lists
• Auto wire lists