cofaso™ 6.2
State-of-the-art user friendliness

cofaso is a wieldy branch solution which is developed for design engineering. There are no hided or complex menus. Context-sensitive and simple operating, use of tree views for better project structuring. cofaso provides a working environment meeting user's needs with professional user interface. Fast and effective working in the graphic editor is made possible by intelligent user guidance.
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Flexible system organisation
cofaso is a genuine world product. Its documentation always complies with relevant regulations or requirements, achieving consistency based on unified planning.

cofaso is a world market product, available in many languages, supports all global standards. It ensures global sourcing, document translation at the press of a button, support for all key CAE standard and data compatibility with the relevant industry standard.

cofaso stands for cooperation, open to custom specifications, component libraries of all leading component manufacturers, intenational user groups and customer advisory board.

Assured quality
Many companies specify cofaso in their delivery conditions. At the same time cofaso provides you with a wide range of options to optimize and expand the system with dedicated projecting features.
  • cofaso stands for adaptibility, a schematic generator allows you to set parametres for recurring schematics and to generate entire project automatically.
  • cofaso stands for connectivity, standard interfaces for data and graphic interchange, support for CAE interfaces, incorporation into other software systems based on provision of transfer data and a viewer.
  • cofaso stands for openness, all templates, such as symbol libraries, plot-frames and list formats can be conveniently edited and updated with appropriate tools.
  • cofaso is a key player, through its many international customer companies defines the future of electrical engineering documentation.

Your automation partner: cofaso 6.2
• Integrated symbol libraries with supporting DIN, IEC, JIC, NFPA, US, Russian GOST norms
• Prepared part libraries from all manufacturers
• Wide range of macro variants
• Import DWG, Eplan 5, XML formats

• Export DXF, Eplan 5, XML formats

Perfect Optimization

• Auto PLC projects from Excel I/O-list
• Auto device and PLC connection plans
• Auto projecting from macros and Excel file
• Auto terminal connection plans
• Auto import of translation texts from project
• Auto Excel import of parts

• On-line PLC cross-references and overview


• On-line translation
• Auto cable plans
• Auto manufacturer lists
• Auto device lists
• Auto purchase order lists
• Auto article lists
• Auto wire lists